Besstel Child and Adult Psychiatric Foundation International (BCAPF) is a Mental Health Charity registered in both the United Kingdom and in Ghana. Key interventions include monthly support sessions for people with mental health challenges, their families and carers. The sessions include information sharing, advice, guidance and signposting to clinical and social services. We also undertake community outreach programmes to encourage clients to engage.
Besstel also runs a telephone helpline to provide support to people who may need emergency assistance.
In Ghana, mental health professionals from the United Kingdom comprising consultant psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners, nurses, occupational therapists and nutritionists come to Ghana twice a year. In April, the consultants deliver a programme of teaching, learning and professional development to support staff in mental health institutions. In October each year, Besstel runs a mental health awareness programme aimed at improving people’s ability to identify underlying or emerging health issues and risk factors. This enables them to seek early intervention and support; raise awareness around preventive actions; address issues around stigmatisation, including issues of cultural isolation of people who suffer from mental health challenges.
Besstel is currently collaborating with the 37 Military Hospital and Ghana Prison services on both short and medium term projects. There is a short-term support programme, supported by the consultant Psychiatrist and Ex-Director of nursing in the UK aimed at capacity-building and enhancing the professional development of medical and ancillary staff and improving the overall standards of care and service delivery. This also includes a refurbishment project of the medical facility in Nsawam prison to supplement the main one inside the prison yard.
The strategic objective is to raise funds to build the first Specialist Mental Health Recovery Hospital in West Africa to be situated in Kumasi.
    Actively work towards enhancing awareness of mental illness, especially improving the level of social inclusion among Ghanaians and other African communities.
    To support a programme of improvement of the quality of resources in mental health institutions in the country to ensure the implementation of a more holistic care system based around family and community support. To develop a strong partnership arrangement between the NHS in the UK and the Mental Health Authority to support a programme of improvement in the quality of provision focused on a strong community health system.