Objectives (2019-2030)

• To support Mental Health delivery in Ghana through periodic awareness and civic education programmes.
• To appoint a co-ordinator for Ghana for day to day administration and also to organize special events.
• Partner with 37 Military Hospital and Ghana Prison services to create effective model of care provision.
• Provide basic resources for day-to-day running and functioning at the psychiatric unit.
• Support staff with regular skills training and workshops to increase healthcare delivery.
• To raise funds and seek donors for the building of the world – class healthcare facility in Kumasi.

This programme will be developed by Besstel Foundation with support from the office of the Asantehene. The structures and mechanisms for governance and management of the programme will be developed by the Committee.

37 Military Hospital & Besstel Community Care Proposal

Pilot Joint Community Care Programme with the 37 Military Hospital beginning April 2020. The 37 Military Hospital is to identify 3 patients and their families as “Besstel Champions” to provide support through clinical care recovery and rehabilitation in the local community. It is proposed Besstel and the 37 Military Hospital will use both local and international best practice to support this model of care.

    The pilot will aim to:

  • • Create a Care Pathway which will be the basis for assessing the patient journey.
  • • Assess availability of local care resources to support patient care
  • • Assess care outcomes using the patient journey as a progress map.

  • The pilot will have an initial assessment through a workshop in October 2020 to share learning and best practice Experiences. The Workshop will support 2-3 doctors or medical students to publish an academic paper on the outcomes of the pilot.

    The pilot will be phased out over a period of 5 years as follows:

  • • 37 Hospital management to identify 3 stable patients for the project to be known as
  • • Besstel & 37 Military Hospital – support to provide model of care using local and international experience.
  • • October 2020 – workshops for learning and sharing experiences.
  • • 37 Officials to identify 2-3 Doctors or medical students who will be interested to write up what comes out of the workshop for academic paper for publications.

  • This journey is a partnership between:

  • • 3 Allocated Patients
  • • Their families
  • • Social Network
  • • 37 Military Hospital
  • • Local Resources
  • • Besstel Foundation
  • Outlook:

  • • Patient Journey – to be used as a project for care pathway.
  • • Try to see what is available locally for people with mental illness.
  • • How local resources can be used to improve patient long term physical and mental health.
  • • Every Year their progress will be charted.
  • GOAL:

    To provide a holistic Bio-Psychosocial Health Care Pathway for our patients.

  • Biological
  • Physical Health
  • Medication
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Hygiene
  • Blood test
  • X-ray etc.
  • Psychosocial:

  • Psycho-education
  • Insight Building
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Involving families to manage crisis
  • Social integrated
  • 3-5 year plan:

    First 3 years will be the Phase Project

  • • Learning and understanding
  • • Ensuring basic care is provided

  • 4th & 5th Year
    Stabilizing patient integration
    Getting them into employment or education
    • YEAR 1: Treatment
    • YEAR 2: Social Stabilisation
    • YEAR 3: Personal/Social Recovery
    • YEAR 4/5: Follow up and local services management